Romanian Citizenship

Romanian citizenship
- first procedure -

We have been assisting people with Romanian roots from all over the world since 2012, to submit the applications for obtaining the Romanian citizenship by ancestry with a 100% rate of success.

What we are offering you is assistance during the whole process of obtaining the citizenship, starting with the case analysis, continuing with support regarding obtaining Romanian and foreign documents up until you will face the Romanian Consul to take the oath.

Romanian citizenship legislation

The most important articles stipulating the legal conditions that one will have to fulfill in order to gain Romanian citizenship by ancestry are the following:

Article 4 a and 5 from the Romanian citizenship law stipulates that all people born on Romanian territory from at least one Romanian parent/grandparent are Romanian citizens. This means that if the applicant did not lose the Romanian citizenship, all his descendants are recognized as Romanian citizens and have the right to confirm their citizenship, through a special procedure.

Article 10 from Law 21/1991 regarding the Romanian citizenship – the Romanian citizens who lost their Romanian Citizenship have the right to regain it. Their children and grandchildren are also eligible to obtain the Romanian citizenship and Romanian EU passport.

Article 11 from Law 21/1991 – former Romanian citizens, who lost their Romanian citizenship for reasons non-imputable to them or this citizenship has been revoked without their consent have the right to regain it. Their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren are also eligible to obtain the Romanian citizenship and Romanian EU passport. This article concerns only ancestors who were born on former Romanian territory (Bessarabia, Northern Bucovina).

Steps for the Romanian citizenship – first procedure, with the help of our team:

1.   Preliminary analysis and review of initial documents

We invite you to complete our contact form and/or fill the eligibility check for us to be able to better understand your case and get back to you as soon as possible with the result of the analysis and the strategy we are proposing you to solve your case.

2.   Signing the agreement

We will offer you an estimate of the costs and timelines to complete your case, prepare and assist with the necessary notarial paperwork to be signed by you.

3.   Documents needed

We provide you with a list of civil status documents you need to provide us with and we obtain the necessary Romanian documents that you are missing.

Once we will set an agreement, we will draft all the documents requested in the procedure, we will collect all the Romanian documents that you are missing, we will help you to prepare the file and we will obtain an appointment for submitting personally your Romanian citizenship application with the National Authority for Romanian Citizenship or Romanian Consulate.

There are two Romanian Consulates in Israel, the Romanian Consulate from Ramat Gan (Paz Tower 2, Shoham str., no. 2, 8th floor, Ramat Gan) and the Romanian Consulate from Haifa (Habankim str., no. 3, Haifa).


Between 6 months and 2.5 years, depending on your case (each case is different and requires an in-depth analysis from a professional).


After the Romanian citizenship process is finished, there is the second procedure that needs to be followed in order to finally obtain the Romanian EU passport.

In Romania, the EU passport is not granted automatically right after your Romanian citizenship is confirmed/regained.

Obtaining a Romanian passport is preceded by the transcriptions procedure, obtaining Romanian versions of your birth/marriage/changes of names/divorce certificates (depending on your case).

When you would have finished with the two first procedures (Romanian citizenship and Transcriptions), you will be able to apply for the Romanian EU passport (third and final procedure).

For details related to the second procedure, please click here.

For details related to the third procedure, please click here.

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