Romanian Documents
Transcription of Documents

Romanian documents/Transcription of documents
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In order to receive the Romanian passport, you will need Romanian civil status documents: Romanian birth/marriage/divorce/change of name certificates and a Romanian personal identification number.

Same-sex marriages are not recognized in Romania.

If the divorce was pronounced in front to a National Court (in a NON EU member country), it means that it is necessary to present a certificate of non-appeal and obtain recognition for it by a Romanian Court (exequatur procedure).

! Luckily, between Romania and Israel there is a convention regarding the recognition of the divorces pronounced in Israel, so the procedure is simplified, with no need to address a Romanian Court.

Only after you have obtained these Romanian papers you can apply for a Romanian EU passport.

You may need professional guidance to register the civil status documents in Romania and our team will guide you accordingly.


Obtaining Romanian documents can take between 2-4 months.

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